Nick Ward is Head of SME Sales with Amadeus IT Pacific, and is widely travelled following a role as Western Hemisphere Marketing Manager with Tourism Victoria and what feels like a lifetime with STA Travel prior to that.

Believing that one should practice what they preach, Nick doesn’t own a car, opting instead to cycle or walk wherever possible, and save his carbon credits for aeroplanes.

All adventure requires preparation, and a passion for sport and fitness sees Nick lifesaving at Tamarama on Sydney’s eastern beaches, swimming with the Glamourhead Sharks in Melbourne & the Wett Ones in Sydney, playing waterpolo when the opportunity presents, and skiing with just about anyone who will have him.

Something of a social activist Nick is involved in a number of community based organisations.

Nick lives in Sydney but travels regularly to his much-loved Melbourne, observing and writing regularly about both. He is however something of an internationalist, having in particular a fondness for Europe. Being an avid photographer it’s likely his pictures will speak louder than his words.

All views and commentary on nickabroad.com are personal and do not reflect the views of any of the organisations mentioned above.

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  1. Dear Nick,

    I was very sorry to read on your blog that your mother just died. All the more so because you and I are related. I was googling “hackworth family melbourne” after going through my Turton Family tree created by your grandparents Ced and Fay in about 1967. That’s how I found your blog just now.

    We are 3rd cousins. I’ve lots more to tell you, but not in this ‘public’ forum.

    If you are interested in (at least) just sharing contact details that would be great.

    Warm regards from across the Pacific, I hope to hear from you.

    • Hey Sarah, I reckon that’s very good advice! I’m throwing myself into everything, and figure when I leave it will be on my own terms because it’s time, not because I couldn’t make it work. I’m not a quitter, that much I’m sure! The soirees are a good idea, I’ve got to say… let me look into that! xN

  2. My grandmother was wainoni rayward nee
    Her sister was fay hackworth who loved in Melbourne with ced hackworth
    Jon muller

    • Jon, I recall my grandfather and mother talking of Noni. So great to hear from you!

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