Posted by: Nick Ward | 5 May, 2015

Breaking News: Charlotte Ward confirmed as inspiration for British Royals

Charlotte Ward today welcomed the Royal Palace decision, inspired by her own first spectacular month in the world, to also name their new daughter Charlotte.

Charlotte Ward's reaction the Royal announcement

Charlotte Ward’s reaction to the Royal announcement

“Goo gaa”, Charlotte said. “Goo gaa goo.”

Charlotte’s father, Nick Ward, added “in light of the closeness of ties between Britain and Australia, it is lovely to see the steps taken by The Palace so that, one day, the head of state of both countries may simultaneously be a Charlotte, which would be a lovely reminder that, once upon a time, we shared the same Head of State.”

The coincidences were not lost on Charlotte Ward’s parents, Mel and Nick.  Born exactly one month after Charlotte Iris Pamela, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana also has the same number of middle names, was born within a few miles of North Middlesex Hospital, and is similarly small and female.

“We are looking forward to popping over for tea with Wills and Kate before we leave for Australia in June”, Nick said. “The girls will talk shop, while their parents will no doubt talk about the weather, as most people do in Britain.”


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