Posted by: Nick Ward | 20 September, 2011

Stories from 26K

I travel for work. A lot.

I have direct reports in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland in addition to my Sydney base, and we do business in cities and towns across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

Additionally, our regional head office is in Bangkok, our main development centre is Nice, and our global headquarters is Madrid.

Sounds a bit boasty, I know, but its not meant to, it kinda just is.

As a result, I get around.

I like travel and traveling, always have. Waking up in a new city and heading off to a days work in somebody else’s office keeps things fresh and ensures I never get bored. I don’t ‘do’ bored particularly well. I love doing things for the first time.

A career in travel has ensured I see a lot of the world, I’m lucky enough to be able to list over fifty countries I’ve visited spread across all seven continents.

Like any addiction however, it can never be satisfied. Visit St Petersburg, and I crave to then visit Moscow. Visit Morocco, and I crave to visit Uzbekistan. Visit Antarctica, and I crave to visit Greenland. There’s always some incredible destination and people calling my name like sirens of the deep.

If ever you want a reason to live, let me take you somewhere far far away and show you something that will take your breath away.

Now, as incredible as the destinations are, and they ARE, the best thing about travel is the people. Sounds cliched? Absolutely. Many of the most fundamental truths do.

Let me share a few stories of some of the people who have passed me by in my travels. I’m going to start, shortly, with my beautiful friend Yves.


  1. Nice BLOQ Nick!!

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