Posted by: Nick Ward | 11 July, 2010

A Tale of Three Cities, Four Days and One Removal Van

I’m a P type person. My first Myers Briggs claimed me as a J type, but I think it was mixing up me-at-work with me-a-la-naturale. My last one came out P, and I’m sure it was right.

I don’t naturally plan a long way ahead. In fact, my schedule generally is little more than a sketch of how the day might pan out. I kind of like it that way, stay flexible and grab new and interesting opportunities as they arise.

When it comes to moving your life and years of accumulated possessions from Melbourne to Sydney, however, playing things by ear is not an ideal strategy.

My week started with my usual late-Sunday flight back to Sydney after a weekend of packing. Oh, and brunches, dinners, and Waterpolo. Good one, Nick.

Now, I was well aware that with a looming work trip to Bangkok followed days later by three weeks in Europe for the Gay Games I didn’t have much time to get it together, pack and ship my stuff and list the apartment for rent. About a week, to be precise.

Work duties had me in Melbourne on the following Wednesday, as luck would have it, so with two days in lieu up my sleeve I could sort it all by the end of the week.


The removalists arrived late Friday afternoon, and I was sealing boxes as they were collecting them. ‘Just In Time’ might be the the next big thing in retail stock management, but in the world of moving house it’s a sure fire recipe for frayed nerves.

The removalists gone I was left with an empty flat. Allegedly.

How is it that a cupboard full of cleaning products you’d swear you emptied is still full of it’s original contents?


And the cupboard in the laundry that was full of assorted pots, bowls and candle holders is cleared right down to, but excluding, the bottom shelf?


Well, I’m now out of there. Vacated. Gone. My beautiful apartment will have new residents within days. (Ummm, it will, won’t it?) Few last logistics to manage and I’ll be a Melbournian with a Sydney address.

On the plane back to Sydney on Saturday I nursed cuts and bruises and aches and pains, but a satisfied glow hung over it all. National Tourism Industry Awards on Saturday night were a battle at times to stop yawning (no reflection on the event or the company), but after a good sleep in I threw some clothes into a bag and headed to the airport.

Bangkok here I come.

First trip to the Amadeus regional mother-ship, will be interesting. Sat on the plane next to a chatty young guy, soon worked out he was family. Nice. Going to be an interesting week. Gee I hope that removal van arrives ok.

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