Posted by: Nick Ward | 27 June, 2010

Bye Bye Shanghai, Hello Perth

I remember visiting Shanghai in 2006 to be told that over half the world’s cranes were currently located in that city, such was the building frenzy.

It would be an exageration to say that half the world’s cranes were now in Perth, but there’s certainly a good number of them.

On my recent trip out west I was somewhat amazed by the amount it had changed in the three or so years since I was last there. Lots of new buildings, and clearly a fair few more on the way. There’s money in mining.

Talking to Perthers (or is it Perthsiders – whatever, people from Perth) the place hardly skipped a beat during the GFC. If mining felt the pinch it didn’t show on the streets of the world’s most isolated city.

For this to be followed this week with the crashing and burning of one Kevin Rudd, at least in part over the ‘furore’ of the mining super profits tax, was interesting to say the least.

One would think it hard to justify that a sector that is making so much money shouldn’t pay it’s fair share of tax, but what would I know.

Will it turn off this cash cow? Not unless the minerals were to miraculously slip out from underneath Australia and re-emerge underneath some distant tax haven, I would have thought.

Let’s just wait and see. I would certainly hope that a redhead wouldn’t about-face on such good policy, one of the few things that Rudd actually seemed prepared to show some leadership on.

That’s enough politics for a Sunday, I’m off to swim training, only a little over a month to Cologne.

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