Posted by: Nick Ward | 20 April, 2010

Yeah, ok, so Sydney has some good restaurants too

Lo and behold, it appears that Sydney has some good restaurants too.

The place: The Winery

The location: Crown St Darlinghurst

The theme: Pacific Rim meets Nepalese Pagoda, sitting on a waterworks

This place if funky, with cow hide and cushions, and some great city views.  Food is great, plenty of seafood but otherwise just well prepared contemporary cuisine.  The barramundi cooked in a brown paper bag was a nice touch, and a great dish.

Where did this place spring from?  Well, evidently until quite recently it was a water works, and there’s still some reminders around the sprawling gardens.

Bit of a crazy mix of stuff in here, with 70s prints of TV stars pointing the way to the loos and deer heads on the walls, but the overall relaxed and (very) low light feel to the place works.  Very Fitzroy.

Talking of Fitzroy, had a great weekend in Melbourne this one just past.  Ate, yes, in Fitzroy, at Peko Peko.  Fabulous Japanese (who’d have thought you could cook a Japanese curry without the gooey sauce?) in a funky Smith St decor.  Prices you’d die for – definitely not the prices you’d pay in Sydney.  Followed up by a few drinks at The Peel and it made for a great night.  OK, bit much to claim nostalgia after an absence of four days, but already a night out in Melbourne feels like I”m on holiday.

So, what’s the go with the perfect autumn weather, and in both my home cities?  We love this Indian Summer, long may it last.

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