Posted by: Nick Ward | 13 April, 2010

The gods made me love my new city today

OK, so last night did get a bit chilly, but waking up in Sydney this morning to low twenties and not a cloud in the sky was only made better by hearing Andy & Adrian tell me that Melbourne was cold and grey today.  The gods are easing me into my new city, I though, and I was happy.

I have a question: why are they (we?) called Sydneysiders?  The side of what, exactly?  The Sydney side of the continent?  Which would be, errr, the same side as plays host to Brisbane people and the inhabitants of a pile of regional cities, none of whom claim naming rights to this ‘side’.  Something to think about, that’s all.

The walk from my new home (Paddington) to my new workplace (next to Central Station) couldn’t be prettier.  Lovely hilly streets with names like Reservoir St and Beauchamp Lane.  How cute, how very colonial.  Lots of coffee shops on the way, too.  Appalling coffee, but lots of opportunities to buy it.

First day was outstanding.  Great people, great company, doing great things.  For a kid who loves his gadgets there’s some great travel tech (check out traveltainment on Youtube, now that’s delicious!).  Watch this space, great things on the way.  Exciting.

Seem to have linked up with my sports connections over the last 24 hours too.  Swim squad is go for tomorrow night, and waterpolo is locked in for Saturday week.  A boy can’t go soft in a new city, now can he!

Guess I always had a hunch I might live in Sydney some day.  Well, if this is where I am, then live here I shall.

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