Posted by: Nick Ward | 12 April, 2010

Nick moves to Sydney

Well, it looks like the day has come.  As if the gods were willing me on my way Melbourne has turned on a cold wet and windy day, the chill unmistakably heralding the start of winter.  At least Sydney is a few hundred kilometres north, and generally a few degrees warmer.  Certainly a few percent more humid, which I do like.  Anyway, my morning coffee is warming me  up.

Things are pretty much in order, I guess.  Let’s see.  Job paperwork – tick.  Place to live – tick.  Flight booked – tick.  Farewell dinners – tick.  Farewell party – tick.  Clean apartment after farewell party – mostly tick.

Advantage of a ‘soft move’ is that there’s no real sense of stress and urgency about getting everything together.  I’ll be back in four days, I tell myself, it’s hardly more than a business trip.  Thing is, a change of home base is more than a business trip.  It’s a change of where I wash my clothes, where I recharge the electric toothbrush, where I get my haircut.  Well, not where I get my haircut, I’ve already promised Sarah I’ll keep getting my hair cut in Elwood.  She’s just about my longest standing relationship now, kind of sad, really.

Let’s face it, it may be a gradual move, but it’s a move.  I’m sure I’ll get sick of flying home to Melbourne every couple of weekends.  I’d better go and pack.


  1. Hey Nick, Looks like we are having a similar experience. My partner Craig moved to SYD in early Feb and so I have too (although I pretend I haven’t by flying back to MEL each week for work). Having lived in Vic all my life and MEL for 1/2 of it, I have found the move difficult, but certainly the SYD weather is improving my mood. My office in SYD is at the top end of Eliz St, maybe we can catch up for lunch one day. Leigh J

    • Well it’s good to know I’m not breaking entirely new ground! Certainly a catchup sounds good.

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