Posted by: Nick Ward | 12 December, 2009

A few days in The Windy City

After an aviation drought of a good six months it’s certainly turned around in the last ten days. Sydney last week for a conference (ATEC Meeting Place, very good by the way), then this Thursday was meetings at Tourism Tasmania – with an obligatory stop at the chocolate factory, a wildlife park & a quite amazing winery estate called Morilla. Eleven hours later and I’m on a plane again, this time to the windy city of Wellington.

I’m over in Neu Zulund with the GLISA Asia Pacific President to work with the Wellington organising team on preparations for the 2nd Asia Pacific Outgames, being hosted by this wonderful city in March 2011.

Our arrival last night was a little, errr, rough. As we approached the west coast of The Land Of The Long White Cloud the hurricane greeted us. Haven’t had turbulance like that in a while. A taste of things to come, but no more than a mere taste I assure you.

By the time the lights of the city were visible the Air New Zealand A320 was being thrown around like a Tonka Toy. I kept my eyes fixed on the movie, choosing murder and pillage in Nazi occupied Russia over my own little clash of the titans going on around the cabin. I’m not terribly affected by motion sickness, but I was finding myself feeling a bit queezy. President Peter, however, was done & dusted. Luckily my distraction in peering out the window to check that the wings were still attached to the plane spared me the full spectacle of Peter losing his guts into a barf bag. Oooh yucko. First I knew was when the crew call button went on as the wreckage of our aircraft limped to the terminal, and Peter presented the bag with his bundle of joy to the flight attendant.

Welcome to the windy city of Wellington.

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